je t’aime pop!

as seen in the instyle magazine, pommery pop! released again it’s limited edition pop art series triptych of champagne. this series is… “unconventional and impertinent (and) resolutely forward looking, perfect for people who appreciate beauty and non-conformism and are in search of new sensations. POP is the sound of the cork exploding from the bottle, conjuring up the euphoria and spontaneity of festive nights. for the third edition of the collection, Japanese artist Takahiro Okawa goes to the heart of the jungle with his POP-Safari collection…”. and with only 20 cases in the country (oh yea-we special ordered them and 4 cases are all ours…) it makes us feel all the more special.

and complete with it’s own straws and animal print carry-all, move over sofia coppola in a can (although our heart still goes out to you…: ) because pommery pop! is the new spring look for the fashion wictim (thats wine+victim ;>…)


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