wine wipes…a girl’s best friend

“…there have been many occasions where I’ve looked in the mirror and recoiled in horror at the purplish-black color of my teeth. It’s not a good look. It’s especially not a good look when you’ve forgotten that you spent all afternoon tasting Port or what-have-you, (and) have gone out to a fancy dinner with your mother-in-law…”

my friends and i all work in wine, all love wine, and all spend many a night sitting around drinking it…and invariably, we all end up with purple teeth. i discovered wine wipes vis à vis 15〫C wine shop…albeit, they may taste salty, but if you are a fraction of the fashion victim that I am, you’ll think it a smile (ha ha) price to pay for some fresh pearly whites after a full day of tasting, out and about, or just at dinner at home with some friends.

you can thank me later. ; )

an unfortunate victim wino sans wipes : ( DON'T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU!!!


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