Thursday Night Food & Wine Pairings

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| “food is sex”… Anthony Bourdain |

Anthony Bourdain

Anthony Bourdain

Food & Wine pairing is very popular here on the central coast where the wineries are abundant and the Chefs are eager. The irony of these food and wine pairings is that the classics, the basic rules, and the jaw-dropping perfect pairings are far and few between. Sure, you can try to match food to wine. It’s hard when all the wines are similar and from the same producer, but what about matching wine to food? Does anyone do that anymore? Why do fois gras and sauternes create a culinary epiphany or goat cheese and Sancerre the perfect balance? The secret is having all the options you could ask for and experiment with. Food is culture and so is wine, which is why Anthony Bourdain’s quote at the top is so apropos.

Next time you are preparing a meal, come in and let us help you pick out a wine. Between Pier 46, Trader Joes, Natures Touch and 15c you can create the perfect meal, or let us do it for you Thursday nights.

There are so many opportunities to experience great food and wine pairings at 15c! Every Thursday night Chef Jeff Scott prepares authentic cuisine specifically matched to the wines that are the theme of the evening.


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