15c has new Wine and Beer for your Christmas Holiday!

Great gift ideas…..or something to spoil yourself!

New Wines | Check out these Holiday musts …

Come see our diverse holiday wine selections:


Adami Prosecco NV | $16

This is the perfect aperitif bubbly. It is crisp and light with fresh fruit flavors yet dry. Low alcohol and fully sparkling, it will create a festive feeling.

J Lassalle Chigny les Roses Champagne NV | $38

Those of you who have purchased champagne at the shop before know that this has always been my favorite producer. It is rare due to the fact that it is a mother-daughter team, grower producer, and premier Cru Vineyards. It is a rich, yeasty, full-bodied, elegant champagne that is an unbelievable value.

Pineto Brachetto d’Acqui | $24

5% alc. Fuscia in color, tastes like sparkling strawberry jam—who says you can’t drink your breakfast! This stuff is not only delicious and beautiful in a flute, it pairs perfectly with salty appetizers like prosciutto or sweet dessert tarts.

Lini Sparkling Lambrusco | $18

For those of you who like a sparkling Shiraz, this is even better. It is a sparkling red wine from Northern Italy. It is rich and full bodied yet oddly refreshing. Serve chilled with dishes that you would normally drink red wine with and you will be pleasantly surprised.


Curran Grenache Blanc 07 | $15

From the famous lady who made Sea Smoke for years, this white Rhone varietal offers medium acidity, intriguing minerality and a rich mid-palate of stone fruits. It is a great, cool weather white and will hold up to those winter comfort foods like mac n cheese.

Bermejo Malvasia Seco | $32, Dulce | $42 & Lanzarote tinto | $28

Ana Jimenez Davis, the manager at 15c who is a native of the Canary Islands, has been looking for this wine for years. We finally found a small importer in Frisco that imports a red, a white and a dessert wine. You can find them all at the shop now and Ana will tell you, “They are the best because they are from Espain.”

Dr Loosen Kabinett Riesling 08 | $23

Well, this goes without saying, but Riesling is always a great food wine and a festive one at that. Dr Loosen is one of the most well known producers in Germany. We carry a few of his wines but I really like the Kabinett because it is the driest of the Pradikat levels and offers amazing minerality, high acidity, and that slight petrol characteristic that is only found in high quality Riesling.


Termes Tinta de Toro | $32

The oldest clone of Tempranillo in Spain comes from the DO Toro. The Termes was awarded top 100 in the Spectator this year and is already sold out. 15c has about 3 cases left.

Marcell Lapiere Morgon 08 | $25

Morgon is one of 11 Cru in Beaujolais , the Southern portion of Burgundy that is responsible for growing Gamay. Gamay is a light, bing cherry, bubble gum type grape that is a classic holiday match.

Giornata Nebbiolo 07 | $40

Last weekend was the release party for the 07 Giornata wines and the Terrizzis have done it again. They are making some of the best domestic Italian varietals. Stephy farms the vineyard, Brian makes the wine and their two adorable twin daughters keep everyone entertained. The Nebbiolo was the standout in the lineup to me because it was big yet elegant like only Nebbiolo can be and it makes you crave rich meat dishes like roast beef, racclette potatoes and pancetta green beans.

Beer…by Chris Murphy (resident beer committee president)

My most recent trip to the land of beer, aka San Diego, I stopped at two breweries that are good friends of 15C.  In San Diego craft beer is as revered as wine is here on the Central Coast; when you go to the breweries down there you often see limo buses parked out front with big groups out beer tasting.  First I stopped at Port/Lost Abbey Brewery which has a barrel room comparable in size to many Central Coast wineries—some of the barrels are actually Central Coast barrels, Tablas Creek just shipped down a bunch.  Brewer Tomme Arthur is on the forefront of the beer scene, pushing the limits and making some truly world class beers. The first selection from them is 10 Commandments, a complex, big, dark farmhouse ale that is a real treat.  The other two are Wipeout IPA, a true San Diego IPA with no shortage of hops and Shark Attack, a double red ale that is a great example of San Diego’s love for the big and the well hopped.  Then over to Alesmith where owner/brewer Peter Zein continues to garner numerous awards for his wonderful beers that range from giant stouts to top notch Belgians to the wonderfully hopped.  We picked up the X Pale Ale which is a really nice pale ale that is a great everyday drinker with nice crisp hops. We also picked up the IPA which is a true San Diego IPA but is nicely balanced.  Last but not least we got the Horny Devil, a big Belgian blonde ale brewed with spices, a very fun, complex ale that is good at covering up the fact that it is 11% alcohol.  There are a few Lost Abbeys and Alesmiths on the shelf from my last trip so be sure to swoop up those and the new treats before they are gone!


Neal’s Yard Dairy

Neal’s Yard buys artisan cheese from 70 makers in Britain and Ireland and sells it to approved restaurants all over the world. 15c is proud to be the only distributor of these cheeses on the Central Coast and we are expecting a shipment this Thursday.


Bûche de Noël | $58 ea.

Order your traditional yule log for your holiday celebrations!  Chef Rochelle’s famous yule logs, freshly made for your festive occasions or as fabulous gifts to give, beautifully assembled with the freshest ingredients: Fresh cream-filled génoise cake (Italian sponge) covered with delicious chocolate ganache, dotted with meringue mushrooms and fresh berries dusted with powdered sugar to look like a log picked up from the forest floor, lightly covered with snow.You will be amazed!  MAKE YOUR ORDER NOW—serves 12-16.  24 HOUR NOTICE, INDIVIDUALLY MADE

Holiday Gift Ideas

15c has the perfect gift for any food/ wine/ or beer lover…

Sweet Cakes jewelry

People commented so much on our necklaces that we had to order some to sell. These pieces are all handmade from an artist in San Francisco—come in and check out necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.


Every year for the holidays 15c makes custom gift bundles in our signature wood wine boxes.   Just tell us your budget and what you want in it and it will be the best gift ever!

Holiday stoppers

Check out our selection of bottle stoppers from upside down snowmen to antique doorknobs.

Stave art

Recycled wine barrels turned into candle holders, lazy Susans, barrel boats, and decorative metal hearts to hand on your porch.

Wine aerators

We carry a variety of aerators from Vinturi, to Soiree and even pour spouts that help let the wine open up without having to mess with a decanter.


If chocolate is your soft spot then 15c will make you melt. We have a wide selection of Vosges bars, bacon toffee, and Recchutti sea salt caramels and sauces.


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