Valentine’s Day Recommendations!

Valentine’s Day!

Wine, gifts & cards…you name it we got it.  We are even doing a dinner the Saturday before!  If you are doing your own celebration be it breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert here is what I recommend:

Breakfast | Brachetto d Acqui is a slightly sweet sparkling wine from Italy.  It tastes like strawberry jam on toast and is only 5.5% alc.  Perfect with crepes, or French toast!

Lunch | Get out, be adventurous and plan a picnic.  15c has artisan cheeses and meats which pair beautifully with almost any wine or sparkling delight.  Sparkling Moscato offers up delicious tastes and low alcohol.

Dinner | Oysters & Champagne or sushi and German Riesling…either way you look at it, it’s an aphrodisiac!

Dessert | Chocolate is always a good idea for Valentine’s Day and nothing goes better with chocolate than port or a late harvest dessert wine like Zinfandel.


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