“wine is bottled poetry” – robert louis stevenson

| Wine Club – 3 Choices|

 |The Rack | 2 bottles each month for $25.

This club is for those every day wine drinkers who want to try something new and exciting. Don’t be afraid to pull the cork or unscrew the cap, these wines are meant to be drunk!

| The Cellar | 6 bottles each quarter for $150.

This is the club for those who like to drink wine as well as do a little collecting on the side. With these wines we are getting a little more serious. Drink or hide away in your cellar, these wines have depth and complexity that will not disappoint!

| The Cav | 12 bottles each quarter for $500.

For the wine connoisseur who wants only the most exceptional selections that will wow anyone who is allowed to view the treasures of the cav. All Clubs have the option of choosing all red, all white or a mixture of both red and white wines. The price of the club does not include shipping cost, which vary. Club shipments will be shipped via UPS or Golden State Overnight as close to the 15th as appropriate to ensure quality products reach your door.



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