Pinot & Paella | June 6th

This year Pam Spears from 15c and Melanie Blankenship from Nature’s Touch  will be cooking up Paella. If you like our Paellla follow the 15c recipe and create your own. First you will need to go shopping at Nature’s Touch organic farm stand for all your produce and 15c for your bomba rice, Terrace Hill spices, smoked paprika, olive oil and chorizo, as well as Pier 46 across the parking lot for your seafood.

RECIPE | to make a 12 inch Paella

·      Heat Paella pan with olive oil

·      Cook separately then remove in same pan the 1 package bilbao chorizo, 12 scallops, 8 jumbo shrimp, 8 baby octopus & 1 pound abalone

·      Dice up 1 yellow onion and 3 large heirloom tomatoes and sauté in pan with olive oil

·      Add 1 package bomba rice and stir with onions, tomatoes & oil

·      Sprinkle in 2 tablespoons Terrace Hill paella seasoning, 1 teaspoon smoked paprika & a pinch of saffron

·      Start adding broth and stir in 2 cups at a time until liquid is absorbed and you must add more, once the 2 cups are gone, stop stirring. (the secret to paella is in the crust that you scrape off when you get to the bottom)

·      After about 30 minutes or when the rice is almost done, still a little crunchy, add 12 clams

·      Once clams begin to open decorate the top of the paella with pre-cooked goodies and sprinkle with green peas

·      Garnish with some garden herbs

·      Enjoy with your favorite bottle of Spanish Tempranillo from 15c!

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