Cass House Champagne Henriot Dinner

Champagne Henriot History – pronounced (On-ree-ō)

Established in 1808, Henriot is one of the oldest 100% continually family owned and family run estate!!  Stanislas and Joseph Henriot stand as guarantors for the Henriot style, assisted by the technical team and the cellar master with quality always the focus!!

The Henriot family has been in the Champagne region since the 16th Century.  With the family’s deep rooted history in the champagne region, Henriot has the relationships in acquiring the best grapes along with owning their own high-classed vineyards in the Cote des Blanc for making the best possible champagnes.  

The house style for Champagne Henriot is based on their elegance, refinement and fresh citrus fruit.  This style is produced with the focus on using the best chardonnay to produce the exquisite, refined Henriot style.

15c staff at the Cass House.

222 North Ocean Ave
Cayucos, CA 93430
(805) 995-3669



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