WINE TIP | storage

In these summer months it is hard to keep your house cool, let alone your wine collection. Considering that on average 90% of the wine purchased in the U.S. is consumed within 24 hours of its purchase it is usually not a problem. For those of us that do want to hang onto that bottle for a later date or special occasion, we need to be careful about how it is stored. The ideal place would be cool, dark, and still. Since most of us don’t have caves under our houses, the next best thing is a closet or garage. If you are serious about wine collecting and don’t want to spend a ton of dough on a fancy wine cellar or storage unit, then here is an idea. Go buy a used refrigerator at a garage sale or on Craig’s list. Plug it in your garage or basement and set it on the lowest setting, which is usually in the mid 50’s. Put cardboard boxes in as a shelving system and store away!

For any wine-related questions just email me or the KRUSH radio

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