What’s New at 15c?

Local & Organic feature + biodynamic | small production

Ambyth | Adamo 08 $45 & Validus 08 $45

New releases from the only certified biodynamic winery and wines in Paso Robles. Biodynamic is a lifestyle and here on the estate Philipe and Mary take it to the next level. This means a natural way of farming the way it was meant to be, and dry farming, the historical way of farming.  This makes all the work much harder, the vines much more concentrated and the wine much purer. The idea is to make a product to reflect place and it really is the hardest place they have ever done. Support natural winemaking and the wines are good. You can grow wine in an old school mentality and that makes good wine and good decisions. The Adamo is 67% grenche, 16% mourvedre, 14% syrah, 3% counoise and the validus is 50% tempranillo, 50% sangiovese. Drinking from the farmer & the maker… it’s the same.


Giornata New Releases | Nebbiolo $40, Aglianico $30, Sangiovese $30, il Campo $19, Gemellaia $28 & Barbera $30 for the first time

Brian and Stephani Terrizzi, as you may know, are some of our favorite local winemakers. They make very small production wines that can only be found in restaurants (big names like Cyrus), and at 15c of course. Their mission has always been to make wine using the style and sensibility of Italian winemaking. Sure, the grapes come from California, but the winemaking philosophy is Italian, not French, or a California version of French. The wines have a finesse that will appeal to Italian wine and food lovers. Wines that don’t shy away from earth and tannin and make the most sense with a simple Italian meal. There just aren’t many sources of nebbiolo, aglianico or any other Italian grapes at the quality in the location we desire so the wines are very limited. Officially released TODAY and available at 15c! 


Center of Effort | Edna Valley Pinot Noir $28 & Chardonnay $22

The estate lies in the foothills of the western Edna Valley, just 4.5 miles from the Pacific shoreline. Here, the growing conditions are shaped by a rare confluence of lean sandy soils, reliable maritime breezes and nuanced exposures. Owners Bill Swanson and Rob Rossi acquired the estate precisely because of its potential to produce profound Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. As usual there is an all star lineup when it comes to the winemaking team led by Mike Sinor and Nathan Carlson, both veteran Edna Valley winemakers with longtime personal connections to the estate. 15c is the first account to have these wines so come and get ‘em!


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