New wines | Budget Busters

In an effort to help you watch your budget this year, we are keeping our best selling wines in stock and at great prices. Here are a few of the must-haves for those daily drinkers from 15c:


Torre Oria | Cava NV, $10

Cava cava cava, it really is the best value for a traditional sparkling wine! This cava just got a best value in Wine Spectator, but that comes as no surprise to us. For the past 3 years cava has been the #1 selling bubbly at 15c and the reason is you can’t beat it! Bottle fermented and aged on the lees, it’s as close to French Champagne as you can get at a fraction of the price.


Man | Chenin Blanc 10, $9

Chenin Blanc is called Steen in South Africa, which is where this MAN comes from. The wine regions or WOs are all very coastal and grow very nice crisp, mineral-driven whites. Pair with seafood, creamy cheeses or alone, this wine is a superstar value.


Tilia| Malbec 09, $9

Another staple at 15c. The Catena family led by Laura Catena is one of the largest land owners in Argentina. They farm all estate and sustainably and make delicious hearty reds out of the most grown red grape in the country, malbec. If you like Zinfandels try this; it will blow you away at what a great wine you get for under ten bucks!


Protocolo|Tempranillo 08, $8

Tempranillo is Spain’s most popular grape. It usually makes bright red fruit wines with great acidity and sweet spice. The protocolo is like a good Italian Chianti. It pairs well with all types of food, it’s dry but still fruity, big but still smooth, and has some smoky spice but not too much tannin or oak.


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