to filter or not to filter

WINE TIP | unfiltered wines

Just because a wine is unfiltered, does not mean that it’s a better or worse.  Some people are scared off by the cloudy look when an unfiltered wine is poured in a glass or when there are particles left over at the bottom of the glass or bottle.  To demystify why some vintners decide not to filter their wines here are some explanations.

For over 30 years, wineries have used fining and filtration techniques to make a wine appear clear. This makes for a stable and attractive product.  Most wines sold today are filtered, and as a result, you can see right through them, more obvious in whites

The tradeoff to wine looking pretty in the glass is that the filtration process does remove some flavor and texture of the wine, Some people would argue that filtering a wine strips it of its true character, aromatics and flavor.

It is a debate but the bottom line is that there is nothing wrong with a filtered wine, its up to you as the consumer to decide whether you think it tastes better or not, so don’t be scared next time you get a cloudy wine in your glass.


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