Something for you, Something for me, Something for us!

Hitachino Nest White Ale
This beer comes from Japan and is brewed in the traditional Belgium style with coriander, nutmeg, orange peel.  This brewery has been making beer from rice stocks for over 180 years.
Coopers Sparkling
Our #1 selling beer in the shop!  Open tank fermentation makes for a bottle fermented lager style beer just like Champagne.  This is the wine makers beer and the beer that the real Aussies drink!
Reutberger Exort Hell
This bit of heaven recipe was created by nuns in the 1400’s.  It is very clean and pure with a perfect balance of malt and hops. 
Fall Winter Whites |
Faury Saint Joseph 09 $36
The typical blend of a white from Saint Joseph in the Northern Rhone region of france is 60% Marsanne and 40% Roussanne.  Phillip Faury takes a minimalist approach to making this wine using 5 year old barrels and stainless steel for fermentation.  This wine has the classic notes of stone fruit, blossom and honey but maintains acidity and minerality.  The Marsanne adds a slight oily texture in the mid palate making it a complex rich white.

Les Brugueres 10 $38
This wine is made from some of the oldest Garnacha Blanca vines in the world!  Tanzer gave it 92 points last year. The richness comes from the toasty lees or yeasty characteristic while the fruit is a combination of pears, candied lemon peel and white flowers.  Being Garnacha it has spice and the age of the vines makes it very mineral driven.  A white wine from the DOC Priorat is exciting and  intriguing.
Liquid Farm Chardonnay Golden Slope 09 $
Blanace and acidity in a Calfornia Chardonnay!  This Santa Rita Hills Chardonnay has as much old world charm as one can get in a local wine.  The concept behind it is maitain the balance of minerality, acidity and low alcohol but make a wine that will help support local farmers and winemakers.
Comfort Food Reds
Siduri Hirsch Vineyard Pinot Noir 09 $56
The Hirsch Vineyard is one of the most saught after vineyards on the California coast.  High up in the mountains it is exposed to some of the harshes growing conditions.  Siduri being a acclaimed Pinot Noir producer specializing in single vineyard Pinots does an excellent job of showing how Pinot as a varietal is much more susceptible to its climate than other varietals.  This wine has tons of bright cherry fruit, and sweet spice but it also has that earthiness that a well structured pinot offers giving us a glimpse of where it came from.
Alta Colina GSM 08 $42
Only 334 cases of this wine ever made and its running out fast.  This is one of the best Paso Rhone blends Ive had in a while and once you meet the family you cant resist.  It is a blend of 34% Syrah, 33% Syrah, and 33% Mourvèdre from the families estate vineyard on the West side of Paso Robles.  It has a lot of luscious fruit but maintains that earthy lavender and tobaco character.
Casanova di Neri Rosso 08 $46
Consistently on of the best producers of Brunello!  Casanove di Neri makes some of the best Sangiovese in the world.  Dried fruit and sweet spice allow for a extreamly food friendly wine.  The acidity in the Sangiovese make it ideal for tomatoe based dishes or slow braised meats.  Perfect for the fall!
Calera Central Coast Pinot Noir 09 $28
Calera” is Spanish for “limekiln.” Limestone had been commercially quarried from the property 100 years earlier, as evidenced by the existence of a recently restored 30 foot tall masonry calera, the symbol and logo of Calera Wine Company. The 2009 Central Coast is a blend of 9 different vineyards and has delightful bright aromas of pomegranate, sandalwood, juicy cherry and bramble waft from this energetic, flavorfull and affordable!
Pierre Guillemot Savigny Aux Serpentieres Premier Cru 09 $38
A single vineyard with 55 year-old Pinot Noir. The Guillemot family has worked Savigny-lès-Beaune vines for eight generations ( ! ) and produces wines with classic Burgundian finesse and balance, all while leaving us a reminder of Savigny’s rustic character. Guillemot is one of the quintessential KLWM producers, with wines that epitomize the local terroir and emphasize grace and elegance over power and structure.
Chateau Gombaude Guillot Pomerol 96 $68
85% Merlot and15% Cabernet Franc from the right bank of Bordeaux.  If you’ve ever wanted to try a mature Bordeaux but either didn’t want to wait or couldn’t afford it this is your chance.  It is a beautiful and elegant example that is drinking beautifully now.


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